Everspry 3D (Ever3D™) is an ultra high resolution three-dimensional shoeprint impression acquisition device. Prior to the physical casting of three-dimensional shoeprint impression, Ever3D™ scanner is placed above the shoeprint to capture a detailed three-dimensional image.
Analysis software designed for CSI and police experts can be used to examine and rotate the image for comparison purposes.


Image acquisition equipment 5 million pixels array CCD with signal-to-noise ratio is greater than 60 Db
Lighting LED lighting with lifetime of over 30,000 hours; DLP projection technology, 700 lumens
Physical precision Data acquisition precision: depth of information accuracy reaches 0.04 mm
Calculation precision Calculation and display measurement accuracy: 0.01 mm
Dip angle measurement Measurement range: horizontal inclined angle ±15 degrees
Data format Vector data is used for acquisition of 3D shoeprints and stored in dat format; 2D image in bmp format
Acquisition area (LW) 36*21.6 cm
Port USB 3.0
Dimensions (LWH) 180 x 170 x 170 mm
Acquisition time <15 sec


ABS case Internal dimensions: 590 x 393 x 190 mm, protection class: IP65, temperature range: 30°~70°
Tripod Rocker arm lifter, 2-way double stand

Power supply system

DC power supply AC voltage output: 19.5 v, current output: 4.62 A
Battery Lithium battery, voltage output: 14.4 V, power: 10 Ah
Charger Wide 12-20 V DC input charger; able to connect to vehicle power supply