EverLSS 360™

EverLSS 360 is a new image capturing device designed to meet strict requirements for surface application, image quality, data management, and many more. It uses high resolution camera to capture shoeprints and can be operated remotely.
EverLSS 360 will satisfy even the most demanding CSI.
Imaging method Photographic
Optical distortion No distortion
Lighting type LED lighting: 8-sided flat light, 8-sided diffuse light
Lighting properties 32 bulbs with color temperature 6,500 K, 200~240 LM
Device operation method Wireless
LED operation method Bluetooth 4.0
Total weight Device: 4 kg, battery charger: 0.6 kg, pad: 0.8 kg, packaging: 1 kg
Imaging area (LW) 38 x 16 cm
Power supply Adapter: 100-240 V ~ 50/60 HZ 1.6 A (input); DC 12 V 3 A (output)
Charger: 8.4 V 2 A (output)
Charge time 6 h
Operation time 3 h
Battery Lithium battery 18650, 3,400 mAh
Overall dimensions Open: (LWH) 57 x 57 x 43 cm
Closed: (LWH) 30 x 30 x 52 cm